Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bygone Inspiration: J5, Swing Set

Hello, and Welcome to my new blog!

Here I will share and store vintage inspiration. This can be anything from an image to a tea cup to a piece of furniture. Anything from a bygone era that catches my eye, and stirs my soul.

To start, something that encouraged my love vintage before I'd really noticed it.. A contemporary song but a homage to swing music. And if anything got me loving all things vintage, it was trumpets, jazz drumming and double bass...

Swing Set by Jurassic 5, from their second album; Quality Control.

Quality Control was released in 2000. Swing Set samples Fire Eater by Rusty Bryant, released in 1972.

I would say that this J5 song helped to move my music tastes onto more old school funk and jazz. I'm sure I will be posting some more music posts to this blog at a later date. What contemporary culture has inspired your love of vintage?

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